chuck + the beloved cube

Just for old times’ sake, I used hot lights for a commercial portrait of our instructor, Chuck Egerton. He was a great collaborator.

Hmmm, now that I think about it, I should’ve scheimpfluged him.


9 responses to “chuck + the beloved cube

  1. Chuck looks dapper

  2. Brilliant!!!! Nothing about this could be more on point! Seriously.

  3. This is fantastic the lighting by it’s self tell a story. The hands are perfectly posed, great work!

  4. The lighting on this is incredible! Nice work Maria! I can’t believe you used hot lights!

  5. chuck looks like William Petersen here

  6. really brilliant, I love it!!!

  7. wow, this screams chuck!!!!!

  8. Maria. This is the best one I have seen of the Chuck Port. Assignment! It is striking! I was looking to comment on this project for anyone, but the image captured my attention! EXCELLENT!

  9. Maria this looks incredible!!! Your Chuck portrait is by far my favorite. The lighting is great and your final edited photo is perfect. LOVE IT.

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