Alexander Calder's Flamingo sculpture in Chicago's Federal Center Plaza.

I’m in Chicago for an 8-week internship with photographer Paul Elledge and his team. Paul is a very driven, unstoppable, creative soul, and it’s super motivating to be around the caliber of work that he does.

Chicago people are friendly, the architecture is amazing, and the food is fab. I’m a very lucky lady.


4 responses to “chicago

  1. This is great Maria.

  2. mark dessauer

    Did you go to Nightwood while in Pilsen? Just ate there last week. Scrumpdillyisciouos. Very nice blog post. thanks for captioning.

  3. maria brubeck

    Nope, I didn’t make it to Nightwood. It’s just one of the many, many food joints that I’m planning my next trip around…

    (and thanks!)

  4. The Weddington Adventures

    Great stuff. love the perspective:)

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