chuck + the beloved cube

Just for old times’ sake, I used hot lights for a commercial portrait of our instructor, Chuck Egerton. He was a great collaborator.

Hmmm, now that I think about it, I should’ve scheimpfluged him.


be mine

Internet, I have updated my web gallery.

Content includes prints from my glorious film days (AKA, first year at RCC) as well as my first forays into DSLR work. Check me out!

rcc chairs

During Advertising Photog class we split up into groups of three and quickly brainstormed ways to illustrate a list of 14 words. We had to shoot our ideas in just a few hours. Maciek, Justin, and I used the studio chairs as a constant in each photo. fun!

guglhupf tart

Guglhupf bakery in Durham, NC was the source of my delicious subject.

Mamiya 645 w/ Phase One digital back (P 21+ model)
120 mm
.7sec @ f/11

hot tamales

mmmm, cuban-style tamales! My friend vera opened her home to the cooking ladies of durham club and taught us some of her kitchen secrets. We spent the afternoon assembling little pockets of savory goodness, chatting and waiting, drinking and waiting for the steamed corn + meat/veggies/shrimp. They were so worth the wait.

krispy kristmas!