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Last catchup post, folks. (I know I’m bad, bad, bad, but what can I say? I’m having fun in Chicago!)

In our Advertising Photog class this spring, each photo student collaborated with a graphic design student to create a campaign for the product/service/organization of our choosing. My partner and I advertised Pocky, that crunchy, sweet Japanese snack. These are some of my shots that we incorporated into my partner’s fresh, simple, image-dominated ads.

I think that casting first-year students Cali Lowdermilk and Kayleigh Mezger as our models was sort of a stroke of genius on my part.

Not visible behind the second set of black flats: another set of speedotrons, modified with umbrellas and directed toward the cyc wall.


rcc chairs

During Advertising Photog class we split up into groups of three and quickly brainstormed ways to illustrate a list of 14 words. We had to shoot our ideas in just a few hours. Maciek, Justin, and I used the studio chairs as a constant in each photo. fun!

swiss chard

Nikon D3 shot into a soft box. Fishing line, c-stands. Yes, swiss chard was damaged in the making of this image.

black pearl

radicchio and grape

Thus begins my FALL FRUIT + VEGETABLE series.

(shot over plexiglass on Bryan’s Nikon D3)

say cheese!

swiss cheese

Behold the Swiss Cheese plant (from my favorite plant genus, Monstera).

Shot in front of a Farrell light with a Mamiya RZ67 and Sinar digital back (80 mm lens, f/4 @ 1/400).