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He sticks needles into aging rockers.

My old bandmate Jon E. Walker was my model for this five-light setup in Bryan Regan’s studio (yes, another catch-up post!):

setup shot

By the way, I highly recommend Bull City Acupuncture, Jon E’s practice on Broad Street in Durham.


chuck + the beloved cube

Just for old times’ sake, I used hot lights for a commercial portrait of our instructor, Chuck Egerton. He was a great collaborator.

Hmmm, now that I think about it, I should’ve scheimpfluged him.

athlete, necktie, window, smoky


We each drew four words for a creative montage project, and fate handed me “athlete,” “necktie,” “window,” and “smoky.”

Thanks to my neighbors for helping me out. Jim across the street: I hope I can keep up with you on the track someday. Sam up the block: Get on facebook, man! You’ve got a profile picture now! Alex, new neighbor: Your office at 4 p.m. has my favorite portrait light EVAR.