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(Blog post catchup time!)
While on internship this past fall, I assisted with a shoot that Bryan Regan did in the basement of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. It was SO much fun to creep around the aisles and be incredibly close to actual dinosaur bones.


documenting the documenter


Bryan Regan took me along a couple of times to photograph and shoot video of Rodney Hines, southeast Raleigh’s famous “No Hand King.” He does no-hand wheelies for amazingly long stretches of time on a variety of bikes (my favorite was the pink Huffy with the banana seat.) American flags stream behind him like wings as he glides down the street, and he is totally chill as he comes to an almost complete stop, still up on one wheel, like it’s the easiest thing in the world for a 43-year-old to do. He knows he’s the best, and he’ll tell you, too.

Hines is trying to draw attention to U.S. troops through his bike feats, and he tells local kids the story of how he got out of prison and is making his life better. The King dreams of making a cross-country trip by wheelie, and I dream of driving Bryan’s car while Bryan gets footage of wheelies in New York or New Orleans or wherever we happen to be that day.

The Intern, or hellrider on the wall of death

photo by bryan regan

It’s internship time, and I’m lucky to have connected with Bryan Regan Photography in Raleigh. I like Bryan’s fresh style. I also appreciate how forthcoming he is about how he runs his business, and how sharing he is in general about his work (e.g., he posts lighting setup shots on his blog.)

In addition to assisting with people and product shots and having a fun, fun afternoon of pen tooling yesterday (don’t ask why, but I actually find it relaxing), I have free reign to set up my own shots in the studio, and a couple times Byran has declared that it’s time to go on a photo walk.

And when is the last time your internship supervisor took you to see the hellriders on the wall of death?